3 Ideas for Secure Bike Storage in Your Garden

Published in Fitness Articals on 24th March 2016

One of the best ways to prevent your bike from being stolen, is to not advertise you have an expensive bike(s) in the first place. There are several ways to store bikes outside, but yet out of sight in your garden ranging in costs from very little money, that doesn’t do much for theft protection but does keep it out of sight and the weather, to sheds that cost a lot but do provide very secure storage. Here are three ideas that cover the range from maximum to minimum security.

Idea 1

 At the top of the line, as far as security, are double-door bike sheds made out of galvanized sheet metal with drill resistant locks at the top and bottom of each door. While costly, it isn’t near as costly as having to replace your expensive bike(s) if stolen. Many sheds hold at least three bikes along with all of the paraphernalia required for biking. An example of this type of secure bike storage shed is the Annex found at Asgardsss.co.uk.

Another secure bike storage option is a bike bunker. Instead of having two doors that open, the front and top open as one hinged unit and is supported open by a spring-assisted action. It too can be padlocked closed and like the first one, also anchored to the ground.

Both of these options are also insurance approved.

Idea 2

 At the other end of security are sheds made out of tent material that are supported by fiberglass poles that do almost nothing as far as security, but they do keep your bike out of the elements of weather. If using one of these to store your bike, it is suggested that you also use an approved bike lock. The Bike Cave from caveinnovations.com is a good example of a bike tent. A good bike lock to use would be like this one found at Amazon.com.uk.

Idea 3

 In between there are several options at different price points. One is a bike vault made from recyclable low density polyethylene plastic. It has steel locking tabs on the door and sides so it can be locked with high quality padlocks. Inside, it also has anchor points to anchor it to the ground using a D-lock or chain and padlock attached to ground anchors. This would not only prevent someone from stealing the whole vault, but also keep it secure during times of high wind.

The biggest thing with bike security is out-of-sight/out-of-mind. If a thief doesn’t know you have an expensive bike in the first place, or if you have it tightly secured, they are likely to find easier targets where they can grab-and-go quicker.

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