J/Fit Dumbbell Set with Stand Review

Published in Product Reviews on 8th July 2015

Built by JFit to give you some place to store your dumbbells that takes up minimal space but provides quick access while you are working out, the J/Fit Dumbbell Set with Stand solves the problem of where you will store your free weight dumbbells. This set also includes an assortment of dumbbells in popular sizes and weights, and no longer do you have to worry about damaging your floor, which is where the home-based free weight trainer traditionally stores his dumbbells. Perfectly sized for toning and strength training for both men and women, the J/Fit Dumbbell Set with Stand requires a closer look.


Key Elements of the J/Fit Dumbbell Set with Stand

* Rugged and durable, triangular design

* This JFit dumbbell set with custom-designed stand includes six dumbbells

* Dumbbells are solid steel construction with a neoprene coating

* Handles are covered with a nonslip coating that provides safe workouts

* Special triangular shaped space-saving design delivers easy access while working out

What Makes the J/Fit Dumbbell Set with Stand A Smart Purchase?

Providing a very small footprint, you can easily place this set beside an office desk or chair for a quick workout while on the job. The six dumbbells and uniquely designed triangular stand/holder take up very little space, with the red, light blue and dark blue dumbbells and textured black stand also offering a nice visual departure from typical free weights.

Included in this set is the stand, as well as one pair each of 3 pound, 5 pound and 8 pound dumbbells. The 3 pound weights are recommended for those new to strength training, as well as advanced users who want to add more impact to their cardio routines. The 5 pound size is great for tricep workouts, and the 8 pound dumbbells are perfect for flys and curls, as well as strength and toning exercises.

These dumbbells are not the standard bar and plate design. They are molded one-piece products, meaning there is zero movement during your workout, delivering safer and better overall results.

JFit makes additional dumbbells which are compatible with this stand, but the 32 pound set and rack is all you need out-of-the-box to get started, whether a beginner or advanced weight or aerobics trainer.

JFit has wisely constructed the dumbbells with hexagonal ends, so they do not roll on uneven surfaces like traditional bar-and-plate dumbbells. The thick and durable rubber compound covering the weight is comfortable and easy to grip, and helps ensure a safe and solid grasp, even if you sweat heavily.

For fitness minded individuals who want to add a boost to their aerobics exercises, as well as those just beginning weight training, the compact and easily accessible J/Fit Dumbbell Set with Stand makes a great, low priced buy, and offers truly limitless functionality and versatility to your workout.

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