Raniaco Original Wireless Bicycle Speedometer Review

Published in Product Reviews on 24th March 2016

When purchasing a bike computer system, it's simple to obtain drawn in by big brand that provide fancy devices loaded with high-tech functions. However if you desire an inexpensive cyclo-computer that doesn't compromise on quality, Raniaco's initial cordless bicycle speedometer/odometer would prosper versus some of the more popular brands. Although basic in design, this cordless bike computer has a lot of helpful features.

Functions of the Raniaco Original Wireless Bike Computer \.

The original Raniaco cordless bike computer system includes everything you need, including mounting accessories. Plan contents comprise of a pad, wired push-button control, wireless sensor, magnet, battery, pad, and four zip ties for installing the main device to your bike.

As far as functions are concerned, this is what the Raniaco original wireless bike speedometer and odometer has to provide:.

- Functions As Both A Speedometer And Odometer.
The integrated in odometer helps to register trip range while the clock monitors time. Speed is calculated from range versus the elapsed time for each trip. The speedometer can reveal both the maximum and average speed in either m/hr or km/hr.

- Wireless Design.
You do not have to stress over cables entangling around your bike frame or fork when utilizing the Rainaco cordless cyclo-computer. This system gets cordless signals from the sensor attached on your front or rear wheel. The sensing unit counts total wheel rotations whenever the magnet passes to complete one revolution. With this information, the bike computer system can compute range traveled based upon the tire area.

However, take note that there is a built-in steel ball on the main device that rattles when signals are received. Some people might discover the slight noise irritating however it's not easily noticeable when biking.

- Waterproof Housing.
Like many bike computers, the Raniaco initial wireless speedometer/odometer features a water resistant case. So, you don't need to worry about water damage when cycling on a rainy day.

- Backlit Show.
The backlit LCD of this bike computer can be set to a green or white background color. This makes it simple to read your journey stats when riding your bike at dusk or dawn. And while the screen is not as big as other models in the market, it displays lots for better readability.

- Small And Light-weight.
Weighing just 83g, this bike computer has a really light building. The size dimensions are likewise compact. This little area suggests that there's less risk of severe damage in case of accidental drops, which is the case with larger and more fragile devices.

Is the Raniaco Original Wireless Bike Computer system Worth Buying?

If you're only thinking about a bike computer system that can track the most essential statistics during your rides, then the Raniaco original wireless speedometer/odometer deserves looking into. It will assist you keep an eye on took a trip distance, speed, and time, which are maybe three of the most essential numbers that every competitive or serious cyclist ought to be tracking.

Many buyers have reviewed this bike computer system online and the majority found it to be a well-built gizmo that does what it assures. In fact, amongst the dozens of buyer testimonials published online, the majority of people rate this gadget 4 to 5 stars from 5, which goes to reveal the level of quality you can expect.

- Inexpensive bike computer but offers accurate information of basic cycling stats.
- Convenient cordless operation.
- Easy to check out backlit LCD with great deals.
- Water resistant housing.
- Multi-mode display screen reveals speed, range and riding time.
- Auto-shut off function turns the device off when not in use to save battery power.

- The system needs to be adjusted by going into the tire circumference.


Cycling enthusiasts who don't mind compromising on elegant functions such as GPS tracking, PC compatibility, and touch screen menus will discover the Raniaco Original cordless bike speedometer-odometer to be a fantastic fitness training aid. With this unit, you can track the most essential information when it concerns biking. In general, this bike computer system provides good value for the price when you think about the functions it has to provide.

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